Composing, sound design, licensing, voice acting, recording, mastering and mixing.

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I started taking piano lessons at an early age, but quickly learned I preferred creating music to playing music. I'm fascinated by creation and knowledge, doing my best to keep up with my thirst for both.

I am influenced by many artists, from Carl Stalling (Looney Tunes) to Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), but above all love the variety my field offers. I love working on films and games. I love to take advantage of the fixed time and visuals movies and the nonlinearity and interactivity of games. I really appreciate each medium and their inherent advantages and disadvantages. Each project is like a puzzle (one my favorite kinds of video games), and solving it is to find a way to immerse the audience, find the right sound and style for the world, and bring the directors vision to fruition.

I believe in having a sense of humor, about everything, including myself. My other interests include comic books, films, video games, technology, health, and food.

B.S. Recording Industry (emphasis in Music Technology) - Middle Tennessee State University
Technical Certificate in Music Production and A/V Production - Valencia Community College
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  • "I would purchase this game just for the soundtrack, then listen to it in the dark like a normal human being." - (Primordia)
  • "Whoever did the music for this game deserves a frosty beer and a high five." - (Primordia) Nerdy-But-Flirty
  • "The soundtrack perfectly complements the atmosphere created by the art, and some of the tracks simply ooze mood. My favorite must be the song that plays inside Horatio's ship: an ode to loneliness." - (Primordia) -
  • "the music sets the mood well" - (Primordia)
  • "Primordia boasts an enriching soundtrack that helps bolster the somber yet hopeful feel of the game." -
  • "The ambient music in Primordia complements the game's settings perfectly." -
  • "The story is solid and so is the music behind it; it's like listening to a mix of Star Wars and Blade Runner." - (Primordia) Video Game People
  • "The music fits the setting well and blends into the background in the best possible way." - (Primordia)
  • "Definitely one of the best indie game sound design.." - (Primordia)
  • "From the empty and sad wastelands, to the bustling city, the art emits emotions and feelings which, when aided by the brilliantly composed music brings the game to life." - (Primordia)
  • "The sounds of Primordia certainly fit. The spartan, dystopian soundtrack is occasionally punctuated by a mournful desert wind, clicking-whirr of a hard-drive booting, or BZZT of a circuit dying." -
  • "Speaking of sound, Primordia has an atmospheric soundtrack reminiscent of Blade Runner. It's very subtle and diverse, lending well to the different environments, interactions, and events." -
  • "They did a great job at setting the mood with their music... The game also has a considerable amount of sound design and dialogue." - (Primordia)
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  • "Both the expert lighting (Benjamin Danielowski) and sound (Nathaniel Chambers) can almost be counted as characters in and of themselves." - (The Apocalypse Of John) The Happiest Medium
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